City Council


Chapman is a City of the Third-Class with a 2022 census population of 1,377. The City has adopted the Mayor-Council form of government and the council appoints a City Administrator.  The Governing Body's role is to establish policies and priorities to govern the City and the City Administrator manages the day-to-day affairs.

The City Council consists of the Mayor and five members who are elected at-large bv the citizens of Chapman.  

Governing Body Handbook
Council Member


The City Council meets at 7:00pm the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Chapman City Hall (446 N. Marshall, Chapman, KS  67431).  The regular agenda is posted at the entrance to City Hall is available for download on the City's website.  Agendas are generally posted by 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to the meeting.  Agendas and Minutes

Public Forum

The Public Forum is a dedicated time during council meetings when members of the public may address the Council on any subject relevant to City government, its policies, operations, or services.  The Public Forum is held near the beginning of every regular council meeting.  Comments are limited to three minutes and the Council will generally refrain from any discussion on comments.  

  • Public Forum is not intended for introduction or endorsement of candidates for public office.
  • Public Forum is not intended for degrading comments directed at or concerning a person, business, or organization.
  • Any person who abuses the Public Forum may be ruled out of order and directed to cease comments and leave the podium.
Public Forum Brochure